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Expo – Pop-Up Design Challenge  (1.0 ceu)

1 CEU. Putting your creative thinking skills to the test! In this activity-based CEU opportunity, teams of up to 4 attendees race the clock to complete the Pop-Up Design Challenge. The winning team is rewarded with a Grand Prize, but everyone who participates wins a CEU! Sign up or in the Vendor Hall. All team members must check in at the Design Challenge space 5 minutes before their time-slot to prevent forfeiting their turn.

Challenge Statement: Develop design solution to connect community spaces while reducing parking congestion in neighborhood-commercial area and how to present and engage the local community. In one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods of the city, there’s a small commercial strip that houses a new brewery and a few retail shops. Across the street from the commercial strip is a vacant lot, and 0.25 miles further is a newly renovated mill with apartments. There are no restaurants within 3 blocks. The commercial strip has become quite popular, and at peak times runs out of parking and seating. The business owners want to acquire the lot and expand their business by encouraging patrons to stay, gather, and cross-pollinate. However, it sits on the other side of a 4 lane thoroughfare, with no sidewalks or traffic signals. They also want to be good neighbors to the residents around them and stewards of the environment. The owners want a plan for how this space can be activated and benefit their community. They want a solution for connecting the spaces, reducing the parking congestion, and how to present this design to their community as a starting point for engagement and discussion.


Expo – Vendor Exploration: design is in the details (1.0 ceu) 

1 CEU. Grab this chance to explore new techniques and fascinating details in the vendor expo.  Attendees must put on their walking shoes to find the six designated Expo vendors who have information about new and exciting advancements in the industry.  Collect all six on your worksheet for a fun new way to achieve a CEU!  Worksheets are available at the Expo entrance.  This self-guided tour can be done anytime the expo floor is open and does not need to be completed at the same time it is started. Turn in your completed worksheet at the registration table by the close of the Expo for credit. 

Participants will walk on a guided tour of the Expo floor and speak with six specific exhibitors for a minimum of ten minutes each. The tour of the Expo will include the exhibiting vendors: Anova, USA Shade & Fabric Structures, Tif Tuf Bermuda Grass, Rain Bird, Bartlett Trees, & Southern Living Plants. Once participants speak will all six vendors, they will turn in a stamped sheet to the instructor for review and submittal.


Excellence Award

General Design | Ann & Jim Goodnight Museum Park in Raleigh, NC | Civitas, Inc.

Analysis & Planning | Lumberton Floodprint: Strategies for Repurposing Vulnerable Landscapes to Create Public Benefit After Disaster in Lumberton, NC | Coastal Dynamics Design Lab, North Carolina State University College of Design

Honor Award

General Design | Harrison Square, Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA | Perkins+Will

General Design | Market + Exchange Plazas in Raleigh, NC | Surface 678, PA

General Design | Newell in Sandy Springs, GA | Perkins+Will

General Design-Student | The Loving The Loved | Charleston Yi, North Carolina State University

General Design-Student | Freedom Hill Park in Princeville, NC | Hongsheng Geng, North Carolina State University

Analysis & Planning | Brandon Avenue, University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA | Perkins+Will

Communication | Forest Forsyth: Transforming Winston-Salem’s Schoolyards in Winston-Salem, NC | Roots First Design, PLLC

Research | Urban WaterRX: Prescribing Conservation Through the Measurement of Two Urban Reservoirs in Greensboro, NC | Coastal Dynamics Design Lab, North Carolina State University College of Design

Merit Award

General Design | Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve in Wake County, NC | Surface 678, PA

General Design | Colonial Lake Park in Charleston, SC | DesignWorks

General Design | Moreland Village – Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, SC | Witmer-Jones-Keefer, Ltd.

General Design-Student | Primrose Global Hearth in Raleigh, NC | Charleston Yi, North Carolina State University

Analysis & Planning | Greater Princeville: Design Strategies to Restore & Celebrate America’s Oldest Black Town in Princeville, NC | Coastal Dynamics Design Lab, North Carolina State University College of Design

Analysis & Planning | Walnut Creek Wetland Park Master Plan in Raleigh, NC | Alta Planning + Design

Communication-Student | A Place for Community Health & Wellbeing in Durham, NC | Rifat Sharmin, North Carolina State University

Recognition Award

General Design | Raleigh Union Station in Raleigh, NC | Surface 678, PA

General Design | Nexton Brighton Park in Summerville, SC | Seamon Whiteside (with Kennon Williams LA)

General Design | Bowie Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics, & Nursing in Bowie, MD |

General Design | Pacific Box & Crate in Charleston, SC | Remark

General Design | GSP International Airport Airside Garden in Greer, SC | Seamon Whiteside

General Design-Student | Edge Effect in Barcelona, Spain | Emily Kelly, Clemson University

Communication | Charleston Medical District Greenway in Charleston, SC | DesignWorks

Analysis & Planning | Thaden School Master Plan in Bentonville, AR | Andropogon Associates

Analysis & Planning | Our Boston – Thurmond Neighborhood Plan in Winston-Salem, NC | Roots First Design, PLLC

Analysis & Planning | Snow Hill Road Park in Durham, NC | McAdams

Analysis & Planning | Atlantic Drive Promenade in Atlanta, GA | Perkins+Will

Analysis & Planning-Student | The Coastal Crescent Trail: Regional Analysis and Site Design for Holly Shelter Game Land in Pender County, NC | Benjamin Jones, North Carolina State University

Partial List – South Carolina contingent:
Pacific Box and Crate by Remark [Recognition Award – General Design]
Nexton Brighton Park by Seamon Whiteside + Kennon Williams LA [Recognition Award – General Design]
Airside Garden at Greenville Int’l Airport by Seamon Whiteside [Recognition Award – General Design]
Colonial Lake Park by DesignWorks [Merit Award – General Design]
Moreland Village of Palmetto Bluff by Witmer-Jones-Keefer, Ltd [Merit Award – General Design]
Charleston Medical District Greenway by DesignWorks [Recognition Award – Communication]
Kiawah Island Residence by DesignWorks [Recognition Award – Residential Design]



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