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2022 Professional and Student Awards

The ASLA South Carolina Chapter 2022 Awards for professionals and students have been announced!
Recognitions were made at the SCASLA Annual Conference in September 2022 in Greenville, South Carolina.
Congratulations to all recipients!

One goal of SCASLA is to strengthen the profession by promoting the works of landscape architects in the state of South Carolina. In order to promote and recognize the value of landscape architecture, the biennial SCASLA design awards serve as one method to recognize excellence in the design profession.

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_091.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_096.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_092.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_094.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_095.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_093.jpg

Lowcountry Celebration Park
by Wood+Partners

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_098.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_099.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_100.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_101.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_102.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_103.jpg

Black River Water Trail and Park Network

by EarthDesign, Inc.

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_027.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_029.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_031.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_030.jpg

Innerarity Point Park
by Wood+Partners

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_035.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_038.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_036.jpg

The Cottages at the Ocean Course
by DesignWorks, LC

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_041.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_042.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_045.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_043.jpg

20 Atwood
by W. Clint Rigsby, PLA

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_051.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_053.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_052.jpg

Shelter Cove WaterWalk

by Wood+Partners

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_055.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_058.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_057.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_059.jpg

Greer Station Revitalization

by Kimley Horn and the City of Greer

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_062.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_063.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_065.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_064.jpg

A Best Practices Primer: Accommodating Growth in Pendleton and the Upstate - A Resource for Planning Commissions
by Thomas Schurch, FASLA

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_070.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_074.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_073.jpg

The Lowcountry Lowline

by DesignWorks, LC

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_077.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_080.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_081.jpg

Old Towne Creek County Park

by Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_083.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_086.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_085.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_088.jpg

Illuminating Hidden Sites: Retrospective Justice and the Making of a Reconciliatory Landscape
by Mary G Padua, PhD

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_005.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_006.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_010.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_007.jpg

Droplet in the Desert – Naama Bay Nature Museum

By Xiao Xu of Clemson University

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_016.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_017.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_013.jpg

Palomar Writer’s Theater Site Design

By Holden McCullough of Clemson University

2022 Awards Presentation_Page_020.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_021.jpg
2022 Awards Presentation_Page_024.jpg

Woodland Teeth – Woodland Intervention

By Xiao Xu of Clemson University

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