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Assisting with Design of the Next State Park in South Carolina
A successful design charrette for the first state park in 20 years!

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About this event

When: October 22 - 23, 2021

Venue: Choppee Recreation Center, Georgetown, SC 29440


The ASLA South Carolina Chapter was invited by the National Park Service to participate in a design charrette for the new Black River Water Trail. The goal of the charrette is to provide master plans for two parks located along the water trail. Participants in the charrette worked on designs for the Hinds Canada Tract (near Kingstree, SC) and the Rocky Point Community Forest (Georgetown, SC). These sites will be part of the new Black River Water Trail and the design programming will include a new state park visitor center, lodging, camping, kayak launches, trails, and boardwalks.

A regional master plan for the water trail is underway by Earth Design. The charrette for these two parcels will be included in the work presented for the regional plan.

The corridor is also being studied by a Clemson University third-year landscape architecture studio taught by Lara Browning. The students participated in the charrette alongside professional volunteers.

Design Charrette, post-event pictures

Video about Black River State Park

Learn More on Story map by the Open Space Institute
Connecting to South Carolina’s Black River (

Learn More on Our Pre-event Webinar

Black River Water Trail Webinar

About this event

SCASLA hosted a webinar to learn about the history of our newest proposed state park, The Black River Water Trail. The park will connect Kingstree and Georgetown, spanning 70 miles along the scenic Black River. This adds a park to an area of the state without any State Parks, and preserves this beautiful river corridor and enables more public access to this wonderful natural resource.


The Open Space Institute presented on the history of this project and the partners connected to the regional plan. Earth Design will present about the work they are doing for the regional plan and the goals of the charrette.

Charrette Sponsors

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